Inspired Ideas

The virtual door to the CHROMA STUDIO Gallery is now open!

Welcome.. We're beyond chuffed you're here with us and exploring our range of specially curated objects, botanical and curios. We've been journeying for some time now, trying to find the most marvellous stuff we can.. and this is just the beginning! Our collections will grow and change as time goes by, and we're super excited about that.

But what brought us here? Why CHROMA? Well, it all started in the brain - more specifically, the right side.. the side that has always been the most fired up in me; Nadene, the heart, hands (and brain) behind CHROMA STUDIO

'Chroma' is the "intensity and purity of colour"

I'm definitely a dreamer, and I swear by my imagination. I imagined a place that was full of colour, and texture, smells, sights and sounds.. and everything in between. I get excited about all these things, and I want YOU to get excited me with too!

I'm a florist by trade, but only because I found that flowers was the right medium for my expression at the time. I've always seen floristry as an art form, and will probably forever see it that way. 

Fox Fodder Farm        Vivian Heggarty  

Fox Fodder Farm                                              Valerie Hegarty

Dr Lisa Cooper

     Dr Lisa Cooper

I love art, fashion, architecture, photography, music - Basically anything that comes from conceptual DESIGN. This little worm hole page is going to be a window; a window into the right side of my brain, as well as a window into some of the most interesting and innovative design ideas I can find.

If you're loving something right now, tell us! If you're crushing on a particular bloom and how it's manipulated, get on the blower! 

I would love to hear from you, just as much as share these things with you! 

So, take a look around, soak it all up, and if you're feeling like you just gotta have it! (we know we always get those feels), it's there for you.

Deeply grateful I can do what I love, and have you on board for the ride. 

Enjoy xx