Inspired by intense colour, surprising textures and thoughtfully different design, our business exists to share these beautiful things with you.

But it’s not enough to be beautiful. As passionate, discerning makers and curators, we look for beauty in the unique. We’re only interested in pieces that exist within the crawl-space of extraordinary and unanticipated.

We scour the world for our finds: ceramics from Greece, art from Australia, jewellery from New York. We artfully focus on striking a balance between fragrance and form to create the perfectly matched (or mismatched) bloom-on-bloom in each floral arrangement.

Our shop is for the deep thinkers, art appreciators, the aesthetically charged – and anyone who wants to own something beautifully out-of-the-norm.

A gift from Chroma should always be a surprise. A purchase from Chroma should always be a celebrated occasion. We want our pieces to be the “ah-ha” moment when they’re placed in a space that wasn’t quite right, and the “wow” moment when guests arrive.

Chroma at it’s very essence is a beautifully different way to live.